To make your financial dreams come true, get advice from a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM) so that you get  comprehensive financial planning. Our firm Advantage Financial Planners LLP, is registered with SEBI  as "Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) which brings more formal approach, risk profiling, disclosures and transparency.

Benefit 1

Easy hands-on approach and continued guidance

Benefit 2

Grow your Savings into better investments

Benefit 3

Fast track your Financial Goals with a Plan

Benefit 4

Personal Financial Planning with Year Long Support for easy Implementation & Execution


"I never planned my own financial planning but when Taresh, I found out the right investment plans. He has really shown me good plans to invest."

Amit Sabharwal
Leading Real Estate Broker


"I was scared of just any investments, but when Taresh made my financial plan, and gave me suggestions based on my goals, I got trust."

Sudarshan Kumar
Leading Silver Merchant, India


"I took complete advice for my beginning to end will and estate planning and with Taresh's expert advice, I could finally make my will."

Dr. Bhimsain
Leading Dentist